FireDome EP2: Orbital Death Bop


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Narra's starts her own analysis of the sphere at her place. She thinks to herself again, "What's the meaning of life?"All of a sudden as she is doing a frequency scan she notices the huge conductivity dispensation from just the information she's gathered.

She contacts Menks, "I'm sending a copy of the info extracted from the package, highly conductive on the DL." Menks receives the data, "This feels strange and wonderful at the same time, I think you got the good stuff this time baby." "It's worth checking out I gotta some spots to hit, you go over the data thoroughly, Fixer can't think anything differently, we've never not finished a mission..." Narra states when Menks finishes,"In over a hundred years what a record." "I'll keep prowling the scene to help connect the dots.

  • Author: Christopher B. Valentine
  • Co-Author: Rylan Mathe
  • Illustrator Sean O. Wilson
  • Executive ProducerReginald B. Wilson Jr.

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